5 Questions with Li

A project speculating about the Museum of 2050

5 Questions With Li is set in a world where the museum has been influenced by the sustainable, sharing and collaborative cultures. Digital culture has led to enhance the shared physical spaces, and the Museum now mentors self-fulfilment and growth.

The museum has become a platform to meet and discuss, to experience with visual, auditory and tactile learnings, and a place to reflect.

I chose to translate this idea into an interview between the HYN museum director and hyped journalist Li. The museum just opened, and the director introduces his open-plan architecture, greenery spaces and lists the workshops, exhibitions currently hosted before introducing a staff trained to discuss and share ideas with passers-by.

I developed the concept, the script and the visuals, and put together a team to film.

Director and Producer: Rebecca Lardeur
Director of Photography and Editing: David Dawson
James: Steve
Liann: April Knock
Make-Up Artist: Hortense Franc
Extra help: Emma
Song credits: Orgel Danshaku - The Path of the Wind (No Copyrights owned)