The Performative Lecture: Turntablism

This collaborative project was to perform a lecture and visually translate it. We focused on the art of Turntablism, to conclude on finding the golden mean of analogue and digital technologies. Created with Jack Smith.

We were interested in the art of turntablism and chose to explore this subject for our lecture. Jack created the content of the lecture while I started working on the visuals promoting our event. We found inspiration from underground and hip-hop parties flyers as they were respectful of the culture of Turntablism.

Towards the happening of the lecture, we wanted to give a physical feel of the difference between analogue and digital technologies.

To communicate this difference, we organised a ‘mini-mix’ using our fingers as intruments. We asked the public to replicate the action in order to feel the arrangements of the different beats (BPM) the DJs has to go through.

To communicate the idea through another example, we gave cake to the audience, so as to define the distinction between a virtual object and a physical one.

To conclude the lecture, we encouraged the audience to reflect on the right balance between analogue and digital technologies. We believe that this will help our growth.

For the graphic interpretation of the lecture, we mixed different paper sizes and textures, as well as using hand drawn imagery and analogue photography to reflect on the beauty of analogue.