The Take-A-Break Project

A project to inspire a reflection on our relationship to ourselves and our surroundings. 

Investigating boredom and the human tendency to avoid this natural feeling, a tendency accrued with new technology tools, I decided to create a situation to encourage being with no images or sound. By being overloaded with information in the 21st Century, we tend to forget our minds are often overloaded themselves. In the time of the Information Age, we need to regain control of what we see, hear and understand.
The project led to the creation of a sense-deprivation headset, focused on the view and the ear. The set was used over a period of time and photo documented by its users. A photo-publication was created with the photos and used as an invite to spread awareness on this 'attitude'. The invitation text within the publication is removable, so as to look at the publication with words or no.

Stop rushing my friend, you don’t need to.
In a world that is in constant motion and an overload of information, remember that what you see, hear and understand are controllable factors.
This satire-based project is an invitation to stimulate our understanding of ourselves and our surroundings through reappropriation of time and the use of our senses.
Give yourself a mindful break.
This project was presented at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2016.